Handwritten poster portrait of Westley and Buttercup from THE PRINCESS BRIDE comprised entirely out of the entire script of the film.

Done originally with black ink on layout bond.

This reproduction is printed on 100 lb uncoated gloss paper 24" by 18"

The poster was made by sitting down and writing out each word with a pen, line by line, down the page and increasing and decreasing the space between the letters until the portrait emerged. Over 40+ hours of writing and craftsmanship.

Only 250 posters in stock.

*Poster is shipped in a sturdy cardboard shipping tube, and packaged in a plastic sleeve to prevent damage.

Beautiful! Excellent job! Very fast shipping.

Shipped beautifully and quickly. It’s incredible! I plan on having three cast members of the movie sign it at an upcoming SuperCon (Don’t worry, I’ll have all of Line By Line’s info for anyone who asks about it). I’ll treasure it until I pass it down to my twins one day. Probably should’ve gotten two.

So unique and very well done.

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